Sint Maarten Netherlands Antilles

Since 1648, this tropical island has been administered by French and Dutch governments - resulting in a vibrant blend of culture. The success of the island is due in large part to its duty-free status. Alcohol, for example, can be imported, blended, and sold without the usual red tape. In the 1980s, the aging Potts distillery, the last to operate on the island, closed because it was too small to compete with untaxed imports from other islands.

Today, a mélange of rums is imported, blended, and bottled here. Several entrepreneurs are taking different approaches to the business and attaining different results. The common ingredient in all of these enterprises is the pride they have in their products. The research for this book began in earnest on Sint Maarten. Armed with only a few dollars and a thirst for rum, John Smith, his real name, and I took my dinghy across the lagoon to Saint Martin. John is the captain and crew of the Mermaid of Carriacou, but that's another story.

Caribbean Liquors is the local representative for Bally and Clément from Martinique among others. Across the street is Sangs Food Store. You have to look around here because the inventory is not well organized, but take your time and you'll be rewarded. Antilliean Liquors is the local distributor for Bacardi. Also look here for new rums from the islands. Antilliean liquors can arrange for your purchase to be delivered to your cruise ship.

The Connoisseurs Shop in the La Palapa complex, just over the lagoon bridge near the airport, stocks many of the charter boats in the lagoon. The inventory is impressive and special orders are welcome.

Being an island, water is part of the experience of visiting Saint Martin / St. Maarten. The Lagoon offers a unique opportunity to enjoy yourself on the water. aboard the Alteza. The large, wooden ship moored just north of the bridge is the Lady C, a nice place to enjoy a rum punch at dusk. A lot of the men and women in the local sailing scene come here to unwind and relieve the stress of another day in paradise.

\ Across the street from the new cruise ship dock in Philipsburg is the oldest liquor store on the island. This is not only one of the best places to so some last minute shopping also one that should be on your destination list if you're Sint Maarten is a port of call on your Caribbean cruise.

There are 3 companies in this database blending/bottling sugar cane spirits from Sint Maarten Netherlands Antilles.
Jumbie Trading Company
Sint Maarten Guavaberry Co. NV
Topper's Gourmet Rhum