Dedicated to the Understanding and Appreciation of the Noble Spirit - Rum

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

When you visit St. Vincent and the Grenadines, you will certainly want to take a ferry from Bequia to Kingstown, (not Kingston, that's in Jamaica). The first ferries leave at 6:30 a.m., and the seven mile trip takes about an hour. Not too many years ago this trip could take all day on board the schooner Friendship Rose. But today it's easier to get one of these fast ferries to St. Vincent than to get a taxi in Bequia. And in case you didn't get breakfast before you boarded the ferry the bar is always open for your convenience.

Once you make your way off the bustling dock, minibuses to anywhere you want to go on St. Vincent are a ten-minute walk through the old stone storefronts along the historic waterfront. Just past the new market on your left is the minibus area. Destinations on the windward side of the island are on the east side of the area, and destinations on the leeward side of the island are on the west. St. Vincent Distillers Ltd. in Georgetown is a little north of the middle of the windward side of the island. When I asked how much the fare was to Georgetown, I was told, "Don't worry, get in!" The minibus ride itself is spectacular.

I had sailed within a few miles of this coast on my way from St. Lucia to Bequia a few days earlier in hopes of catching a fish, and had gotten much closer while trying to bring in a tuna. But I was not prepared for the beauty of the windward side of this island.

Below the winding road, steep cliffs meet the pounding surf. Above, the virility of this volcanic island appears boundless. As you ride around hairpin turns on a wet road, you have to remind yourself that the driver has made this trip so many times that he could almost do it in his sleep. Almost. So try to relax, sit back and enjoy the experience.

There is only 1 sugar cane spirit distiller in this database from Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.
St Vincent Distillers Limited
There is only also 1 company in this database blending/bottling sugar cane spirits from Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.
SKR Beverages (SVG) Ltd