Guadeloupe French West Indies

Guadeloupe, also known as the butterfly island for it's butterfly shape, is actually two island separated by a salt water river. The eastern island called Basse Terre, or low ground, is much older geologically than its mountainous sister of Grand Terre to the west.

In contrast to Martinique, the distilleries on Guadeloupe are generally smaller and most are family owned. Most of the rum sold on Guadeloupe is rhum agricole, made from freshly squeezed sugar cane juice, though rhum traditionnel, made from molasses can be found and is cheaper than the higher quality rhum agricole.

Like Martinique, together with Saint Martin and Marie Galante, Guadeloupe is a Department of France and the islanders enjoy all the benefits and burdens of French citizenship.

Most of the sugar cane on Guadeloupe is grown on the northern side of Grand Terre and on the flat fields of Basse Terre where the foundations of windmills remind the visitor of the days, not long ago, when sugar was king.

There are 6 sugar cane spirit distillers in this database from Guadeloupe French West Indies.
Distillerie Bologne
Distillerie Damoiseau
Distillerie Mon Repos
Domaine Séverin
Montebello Distillerie Carrere
Musée de Rhum