Just 80 nautical miles north of the South American continent, Grenada's lush tropical countryside earned the name spice island. Though there are only two licensed distilleries operating on the island today, there are a growing number of blenders practicing their trade with enviable results.

The port city of St George's is a thriving West Indian town which straddles the steep hills leading to the protected harbor. The Grenada Sugar Factory makes the most popular spirit on the island, Clarke's Court Pure White Rum. At 69% abv, Clarke's Court is usually enjoyed as a shot or mixed with soda or added to Carib beer to make Grenadian Shandy.

River Antoine, on the island's northeast coast is home to one of only two cane mills powered by water wheels in the Eastern Caribbean. Rivers as the potent white rum is known, is bottled straight from the still, just as it was more than 200 years ago when the pot still was first fired.

Grenada's south coast is a sailor's haven of protected coves and anchorages. Until hurricane Ivan in 2004, this was considered one of the best places to weather hurricane season.

There are 3 sugar cane spirit distillers in this database from Grenada.
Dunfermline Estates Ltd
Grenada Sugar Factory
River Antoine Estate Ltd
There are also 3 companies in this database blending/bottling sugar cane spirits from Grenada.
Eastern Caribbean Rum Company
Tradition Rum Company