Dedicated to the Understanding and Appreciation of the Noble Spirit - Rum

Dominican Republic

The Dominican Repbulic, or Republica Dominicana as it locally known, shares the island of Hispaniola with Haiti. Columbus brought sugar cane sprouts from the Canary Islands here on his second voyage in 1493 and established the settlement which is now Santo Domingo, one of the places Columbus is claimed to be buried. Early conquistadors met little resistance from the Arawak Indians who inhabited the island but since they found little gold here the island became a stepping stone for Spanish imperialism in the western hemisphere.

Between the two largest cities of Puerto Plata and Santo Domingo mountains are the dominant feature of the lush tropical terrain. Pico Duarte (3,087 m / 10,128 ft above sea level) is the highest mountain in the Caribbean. Sugar, tobacco and coffee are the main export crops but as tourism grows the service sector of the economy is becoming very important.

Sugar cane is a dominant feature of the countryside on this tropical island that also is known for its cigars and local beer, Presidente. In the middle of the last century islanders from Anguilla used to come here to cut cane during the sugar cane harvest. Today most of that labor is done by nationals and Haitians who live on the western side of the island.

Due to its close geographic proximity to Cuba many Cubans fled here before Castro seized power bringing with them a taste for their favorite rum. Today the rums produced in the Dominican Republic most closely mimic the Cuban rum for which that island is famous. All of the distilleries utilize molasses from the sugar industry but differences in fermentation, aging and blending yield results which deserve to be tasted.

There are 3 sugar cane spirit distillers in this database from Dominican Republic.
J. Armando Berm├║dez & Co. C. por A
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