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Upcoming Educational Seminars and Rum Tastings

2011 Sugar Cane Spirits Seminars
There's no doubt that sugar cane spirits will continue to garner their share of the attention behind the bar and on liquor store shelves in the coming year but sugar cane spirits continue to be one of the most misunderstood segments of the beverage alcohol industry.
As the market and spirits marketing changes, everyone I meet agrees that education is the key to success in the future. And everywhere I go I'm asked to share my experience with bartenders, store employees and consumers alike.
To fill the need for fun, educational programs that not only educate but inspire attendees to continue to quest for more knowledge about the spirits they pour I've developed the following program.
Obviously, I can't do this alone, only by involving the brands, venues and attendees can the goals of this program be reached.
Register on the forums, then follow the link to the Rum Trade Registry where you can submit new sugar cane products to the database.
Add Twitter and Facebook links on your company and product detail pages
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Enter the links in the trade profile after you are logged in to the Rum Trade Registry.
Add recipes to the Ministry of Rum database
Ministry of Rum forum members can add recipes to the database. Recipes are selected at random to appear on the front page of this site and include links to the sugar cane spirits in the database. Recipe links are also shown on the spirit detail pages of the spirits they contain and are indexed by Google and the other major search engines.
Reviews by Forum members
Selected forum members have been busy reviewing sugar cane spirits and posting their work on this site and on thier own websites and blogs. Links to these reviews are visible on the Ministry of Rum front page and the spirit detail pages. Many of these reviews are already showing in search engine results and are a great way to increase the visibility of the spirit you represent.
Want even more visibility?
Choose one or more of the following options:
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Rum Index page.
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Host a forum dedicated to your brand where you can:
* Announce new products and promotions to forum members while driving traffic to your website
* Archive a question and answer session with your distiller
* Sponsor a quiz specifically designed to educate visitors about your brand
* Post polls to solicit feedback about new products, existing products or changes to your packaging
* Moderate all of the discussion about your brand through an administrator portal for your forum
Promote your brand at Ministry of Rum events
Ministry of Rum sponsors recieve special pricing on all events and are the first to be invited to special tasting events around the country conducted by Edward Hamilton.
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